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Crises are overcome

In order to overcome crises, you need to concretely perceive them and acknowledge them and endure them. Only then can we gain new, groundbreaking insights into viable and realistic solutions. In external crises such as war, climate change, earthquakes or pandemics, it often helps to pray to our gracious Lord for His gentle, intervening rule. However, simply doing nothing or despairing are not good options! Hope based on faith (God's promises to us) extends his strong hand to us here.

What I see as “appropriate for my grandchildren” today is above all: >don’t cheat our children out of God<! They certainly challenge us - especially in relation to faith, suffering, religion, and the question "what is death and what remains?".
If we have kept our own image of God unclear and nebulous, we should finally ask ourselves these questions, which are important not only for our children. Therefore, when it comes to children, family and personal well-being, we should no longer ignore God in the future and thus isolate ourselves.
Here are three little words - three inner attitudes - which are always useful in community, marriage, work (and also in our relationship with God): Thank you - please and forgive me.

As humans, we all too easily fall for our accumulated half-truths. For example, we like the fiction that the flap of a butterfly's wings causes a hurricane elsewhere. Or that after a dream of being a butterfly, when you wake up you ask yourself whether I wasn't a butterfly that dreamed of being a human being.
However, such assumptions are easy to see through upon closer analysis. In conclusion, all hurricanes would be triggered by butterflies flapping their wings. The butterfly would also be relieved to discover that it is not human when it awakens from a parallel dream. So the question “what happened before, the chicken or the egg?” from the natural and coherent answer >> the rooster's seed!

   The sum of the many half-true and unreflective assumptions makes it all the easier for us to negate the real existence of a creator God. Simply because we cannot see it - and probably also because we believe that without God we can live according to our own style more freely and easily.
At the same time, this is the root of all esotericism, questionable ideas and some adopted "scientific knowledge", which we believe, support and maintain out of uncertainty and fear. Concepts of this kind cannot really be fully accepted internally, but as a whole they create their stickiness, which hinders us because of unreflective actions, thoughts and feelings and thus leaves us in a highly effective lack of freedom and in intense ignorance.
This does not mean that the well-established scientific findings about the beginnings of the cosmos, elementary series, microevolution, cell biology, etc. are completely wrong. Nevertheless, in all of these theses - which must always be based on pure rationality - the most causal prerequisite is missing: information, inspiration and will!

                            Old life - brand new                                  

At the turn of the millennium, a burnt-out old hippie had reached the absolute nadir of his desolate life. Entangled in the zeitgeist of '68 and esotericism, he had already been in the grip of seven years of depression. When the 56-year-old read William Paul Young's book "The Cabin - A Weekend with God" in the dingy bed of his run-down flat in Graz, he was deeply moved by the subject and the dramatic content of the book. He cried out imploringly for the God of his still innocent childhood days until he sank exhausted into a strange dream world. The next day - it was a Sunday - he felt the need to celebrate this day right after his shower, and so - after decades away from God - he went to a church service ...

 Since then he has continued to attend these Sunday masses because they noticeably did him good. He decided to turn his gaze firmly toward the sun-like light of his Lord and Savior. Little by little, even the darkest shadows of his past sank into the deep sea of their ineffectiveness, and so things went uphill for him. Years later he met his future wife through a Christian relationship portal. They met back in 2011 in a Romanian orphanage where he was helping out as a summer intern. They prayed together every day, and throughout the year he stood with her at the altar...    
As early as 2002, he began writing down nightly, literally dreamed inventions. He even bought his first laptop and began trying to introduce these technically fossil-free approaches to companies with a bumpy homepage. The previous year, the concept of a solar-powered, dual-pneumatic large pneumatic tube for people and goods was created, similar to the Maglev system “Hyperloop”, which the renowned Elon Musk began to propagate in 2012...
As an author - and at the same time the protagonist described above - I was driven throughout my life by questions about the meaning and mission of our earthly life. The solutions found amaze me today - I found out which technical and especially which spiritual solutions a society that is fair to grandchildren needs, and which opponents have prevented these approaches so far...
It remains unclear today whether companies will bring one or another product proposal onto the market. Will our grandchildren already be able to use it? My technical approaches (in part 2.0) aim to stimulate and could give confidence in times when a no-future attitude seems justified. But I also want to show where our opportunities lie; with concrete indications that we offer what can give our hopes the right inner psychological support. May you too - dear reader - discover something new, exciting and yes, life itself:
Rite, word, sacraments, priesthood and church communities - as well as family cohesion - have long been helpful in leading us out of an innately deep-seated loneliness. For Christians, their 2000-year-old mediation to religious inwardness - in and through Jesus - is established. He said, "When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself." John 12:32.

What I find particularly attractive and consistent in "Catholic" is that Jesus' mother "Mary" and his foster father "Josef" - as well as all the holy martyrs - enjoy their corresponding veneration. Jesus' holy mother Mary conveys to us the pure love of God » his holy spirit. And so she is also our mother and keeper of our faith.

 As a Central European, I think or experience our Creator as three/one people in creative love, freedom, truth and beauty. HE encompasses the greatest and still lives in the smallest. HE gives life, is faithful and stands firm. HE is above everything, and yet is completely with each of us. HE lives in the light and remains incomprehensible to us - but HE hears us and gives an answer. HE wants us to be in relationship with HIM. 
Everything that can be derived can be searched for, found and answered to the most basic cause - to the living Creator. HE founded and sustains everything. Yes, HE also accompanies and endures humanity's history and every individual fate. And we can call on God with YOU and ABBA and simply thank HIM for everything in our lives. =========     

The renowned founder of hagiotherapy, Tomislav Ivancic, asks: Does the child in the womb know that it has a mother?

    He offers a clear comparison in the following approach:     "Human life is like the course of a river. At the moment of conception, the human being arises as if from an invisible source, grows for nine months in order to flow into the world through a bottleneck like a river between rock walls.     But then it grows again, as if it were flowing from year to year on this earth, finally flowing through the narrow passage of death into the ocean of eternity. In other words, man passes through different worlds as he enters the finale of life.

At first he lives in the world of his mother's womb. There he grows from a small, tiny embryo to a fully grown infant of nine months. Then he leaves the world of the mother's womb, dies to that world and is born into the world of the "earthly body".
When he becomes too old for the world of the womb, he can no longer live there and must leave as if he had to die. But at that moment he begins to live among us, tiny and small, without consciousness of his own.
Then he grows and begins to walk, finishes school, grows into a young person, into an adult, and later into an old man or woman, and finally, having matured again, from the body of this world into another , eternal, to be born into the world of God.

Being old doesn't mean that life ends, but rather that you     become ready for a different life. Just as a child after nine  months in the womb did not end its life, but became ripe to be born in another world. It is interesting that the child lives  in the womb but does not see the mother. It cannot touch them, knows  nothing about them and has to wonder what is actually   outside   the shell of the mother's womb.     
Similarly, the person who lives here on earth feels as if they are living in a strange body. He does not see who sends him to earth, whose sympathetic and gentle hands hold and carry him,  what is outside earthly life, where the end of the universe is, whether the universe even has an end and where God is.

    Just as a child is inside the mother, moves, is there without knowing where the mother is. People say they don't know and can't know whether God exists. They are similar to the child who says that he cannot find out whether his mother exists. But the mother feeds it, takes care of it, is tender to it. And if the mother is angry or happy, the child feels it in the womb. It's similar with us in the "body" of this earth. We don't know where God is and we wonder if he can be seen and heard. But God is there - as a mother is there for her child, and as the sea is there for the fish that swim in it."     
 ... more about this can be found in his book: How to Heal Family and Marriage.

The late pastor Martin Gutl expressed it with great inwardness in Psalm 126:  

   "When God brings us home from the days of wandering,
... brings us home from the twilight into its happy light, that will be a celebration! There our amazement will begin again. We will sing songs, songs that encompass the world and history. We will sing, dance and be joyful: for He leads us home: from haste to peace, from poverty to abundance. When God brings us home from these narrow spaces, it will be a celebration! And those who doubt will confess: Truly, you God do wonders! He turns night into day; He makes the desert bloom! ...

When God brings us home from the sleepless nights, from the fruitless talking, from the lost hours, from chasing money, from fear of death, from fighting and from greed, when God brings us home, it will be a celebration! Then he will loosen the fingers of the fist, the shackles with which we deprived ourselves of freedom. He will expand the space of our lives to all heights and depths, to all lengths and breadths of his immeasurable house. He no longer draws any boundaries for us. Whoever loves will love forever! When God brings us home, it will be a celebration. We will hug each other and be tender. There will be laughter after long years of poverty, who suffered from hunger. After long, unfree nights, those tormented by powers will sing. The righteous who fought and suffered on earth for a better world will dance! When God brings us home, it will be a celebration! The blindfolds are removed from the eyes of those who are lost. You will see. The searchers finally find a you. No one is tormented by the question “Why” anymore. Those who reproached God will be silenced.

We will look without ever coming to an end. When God brings us home, it will be a celebration! Man sows in sorrow, he suffers and matures! Its end remains a beginning! He who sows in sorrow will reap in joy. For God, our God, is a God of eternal creation. A God who creates the new earth, the new heaven with us. He lets us come and go, lets us die and be resurrected. The sands of our earthly toil will shine. The stones we gathered to build our world will shine like crystals. We will rejoice like reapers reaping the harvest. When God brings us home from the days of wandering, it will be a celebration - a celebration without end!"

But the cross makes many people aware that accepting inevitable suffering is part of a life of redemption and salvation.

                                                                     >>> EXIT >>> JESUS
... his blood is literally overflowing with his magnificent love and fullness of life.