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My name is Michael Thalhammer and I come from Graz, which is in green Styria. I am a father of three adult children and a grandfather of several times and now live in Vienna with my wife Maria. Before I retired, I worked mainly in the social sector, but also often did manual work. I was a tinkerer from an early age. As a 6-year-old boy, I built my mother a usable, hand-cranked whipped cream mixer. Although I am not a trained technician or theologian, I am practical and I find today's way of life to be ominous and ominous. So I'm venturing out on both topics and just hoping for the best. Please disregard any misconceptions with humorous forbearance. My loving wife occasionally jokingly calls me “material tester.”

Naomi Klein aptly expresses the practical and spiritual global dilemma in her book "Why only a GreenNewDeal can save our planet". Here is an extract:

" ... Behind the stage where some governments deny climate change and others claim to be doing something about it, while fortifying their borders to protect themselves from climate impacts, there is a question we must face. What kind of people do we want to be in the harsh future that has already begun? Do we want to share what is left and take care of each other? Or do we instead want to hoard what's left, look after "ourselves" and shut everyone else out?
In a time of rising sea levels, Xenophobia and increasing fascism, these are stark choices. There are other options besides extreme climate barbarism, but considering how far we've already come, it makes no sense to claim that these alternatives are easy to realise. Much more is needed than a CO2 tax or a new version of emissions trading. We must wage a war against CO2 pollution and poverty, against racism and colonialism and against despair.
If we reject a future characterised by the brutal exclusion of the poor and the innocent, then we must find the strength to take on the powerful who are responsible for the climate crisis. The idea of taking on the fossil fuel sector can be intimidating: The corporations have unlimited means at their disposal to persuade politicians to pass draconian laws against activists by means of intensive lobbying. ... And yet this sector is very much open to attack through various forms of action.
Over the past five years, a central strategy of the climate justice movement has been to show that these companies are acting amorally and have acquired their profits illegitimately because their business model is, at its core, to destabilise human civilisation. Thanks to this strategy, hundreds of institutions have decided to divest shares of these companies in their portfolios. Recently, the Sunraise movement has focused on demanding assurances from elected politicians that they will not accept donations from fossil fuel companies, which over half of the Democratic candidates immediately agreed to do. If the governing parties were to refrain from donations from climate destroyers and discussions with fossil fuel lobbyists, the industry's political influence could shrink dramatically. And if, in the face of public pressure and regulation, the media stopped running adverts from fossil fuel companies, as it did with tobacco advertising, then the industry's disproportionate influence would continue to diminish.
Once the debate is no longer distorted by misinformation and a clear dividing line is drawn between oil industry and the state were to be involved, the path to effective regulations that would quickly tackle this rogue sector would be clearly mapped out."


For over 20 years I have been developing sustainable technological ideas in the areas of mobility, agriculture, zero-plastic, sustainable building and much more. As an open source networker, I hope to see my ideas implemented on the open market (without any financial intention of my own).

For your inner soul, I recommend these two things - for example - dear reader:
1.) At: www.marysmeals.org >A bowl of grain changes the world< you can also help very efficiently to alleviate the bitter consequences of a lack of food and education. And …
2.) Become a member of the RadioMary listener family. See: www.RadioMary.uk broadcasts colorful Catholic programs 24 hours a day, ad-free, with digital reception. The radio library offers some interesting speaker provided valuable contributions, praiers and good music.

The contents of the earthsolar.info website are now also available as soft- and hard covers and e-books from Tredition-Verlag (also in DE/E).

For Michael on his 70th birthday    
You can't tell you're 70,
You're not an old man yet
You ride your bike across Vienna
You can also work on your knees
Otherwise you're still super fit
You don't always get everything ;-)
But that doesn't always have to be the case
You're fine the way you are.
You're always busy With inventing and thinking
You want to steer the world in different directions
The computer is your faithful companion
Send emails and network
And you always get a little further
Very popular as Michi-Grandpa
For reading aloud, building Lego, and whatever else there is
You are communicative and helpful as usual
Only on your cell phone, you can never be reached ;-)
Only the best for your 70s
And hopefully many more celebrations together!
Written by my stepdaughter Susanna – July 21, 2021 - THANK YOU!

                                                             S U M M A R U M

At least on paper, our family was baptized Protestant. My late but conscious turn to Christianity did not make me a different or “better” person, and yet I have become happier, gentler and more patient since then. For me it was: write down the ideas that my mind gave me at night and make them public, and stay faithful in relationships, marriage and religion.

Before I decided to convert to the Catholic faith 15 years ago, I was also in a "free Christian community". There I felt attracted and excited by their group dynamic charisma.

Today, I live in the precious hope, even certainty, of a liberated future. Everyone and everyone - street sweepers, managers, hard-working, indolent, sick, children and the elderly - will then receive equal pay. Revolutions, programmes and previous constraints will then be over, and full freedom from the previous economic struggle will set in.
 Money is then not “counted” as mammon; it then “plays” new melodies - in serving and helping each other; and in general love for creation. This harmonious “currency of praise” will have a radiance that can be seen from far away and a joy that can be felt and heard from far away in the new Jerusalem.


It is becoming increasingly clear to everyone that no organization or purely human luminary that we have created can manage to bring the chaotic disorder that we have caused to the highly artfully structured nature as a whole back into balance. It is not without God's help that we succeed in our slow ascent to selfless and possibly all-encompassing love.
And yet: The great judgment of God, which begins in this world, is for each his own. Some who sink into the water as if with a millstone around their neck - and others who, as if with a lifebuoy, are buoyed by personal faith, willingness to help, affirmation of life and trust and thus avoid general ruin.

The completely absurd network of interest-bearing money still prevails, which will or can give way to a general "we" in the light of the slowly diminishing competitive spirit. As long as there is no willingness to recognize and alleviate the plight of the hungry, those threatened by war and the excesses of pomp and poverty, no technical innovations, more education or prevention programs will help!
It needs and comes the fulfillment of the biblically predicted “New Jerusalem” and with it its “living water”. Only there will heavenly descended space be ready as a “habitat” for all who are of good will. Let us ask God for positive, inner change, in wisdom and insight!

May this succeed - with general respect for other religions and cultures - and coupled with loyalty to one's own faith.

                     >> The Lord and author of life has plans of salvation for us! <<        

   In the presence of the true reality of an all-embracing, tear-drying agape, God also gives us wisdom. The effectiveness of all sacraments arises in and among us >>> The Song of Love - as a celebration without end! Therefore it is needed and comes - the “loving & righteous” - who leads us home into his incorruptible, bliss-giving eternity.

Prayer to Saint Joseph
Hail, protector of the Redeemer and Bridegroom of the Virgin Mary.
God has entrusted his son to you, Mary put her trust in you,
Christ grew into a man with you.
O Saint Joseph, show yourself to be a father to us too
and guide us on our path in life.
Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage
and protect us from all evil.
Pope Francis, Patris Corde

Stick to God. Do like the bird that does not stop singing even when the branch breaks. For he knows that he has wings.
Don Bosco (1815 - 1888)

I believe that on the day of his return, Jesus will also meet with a bright, agile, courageous and numerous people of God.

The Holy Spirit has wonderful names. He is love, the substantial object of the mutual love of the Father and the Son. He is the "Caritas", the "Gift - Charisma", the "Paraclete", which means succour, intercessor, advocate, comforter, who intercedes for us with inexpressible sighs to the Father:

Pentecost Sequence:
Come, O Spirit of holiness! From the glory of heaven! Send forth your ray of light!
Father of all the poor, Light and rest of all hearts, Come with your gifts in number!
Comforter in forsakenness, refreshment full of sweetness, Come, Thou sweet friend of souls!
In weariness give rest, In the heat breathe coolness, Comfort him who weeps desolate!
O thou light of bliss, Make our hearts ready for thee, Enter into our souls!
Without Thy living woe Nothing in man can endure, Nothing can be without fault or blemish.
Wash that which is defiled, heal that which is wounded, water that which is dry!
Bend that which is hardened, warm that which is cold, guide that which is astray!
Holy Spirit, we beseech Thee, Graciously give us all Thy gifts seven in number!
Give us the reward of virtue, Let us stand at Your throne, Let us rejoice in the heavenly hall!
Amen, Alleluia.


                                                      L I N K S for inner soul                              

www.horeb.org is the German version of RadioMaria.
www.marysmeals.org >A bowl of grain changes the world<

Ein spannendes Zeugnis der Glaubenserfahrung eines für tot-erklärten US-Amerikaners fand ich in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH8J_QF_yac 

... have fun browsing ;-)

                                                                            I M P R E S S U M         

Michael Thalhammer
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