Can a future suitable for grandchildren be expected?          

    Here in part 3.0 I will focus on all of our ability to change and hope:

For more than 200 years, some technical developments, soulless industries, purely monetary, power and economic policy interests, as well as some questionable scientific applications, have led us into dangerous mazes. 

"God always forgives, we sometimes forgive, but when nature - creation - is mistreated, it never forgives." ~ Pope Francis

We don't know how long it will be possible for us to live on earth; But we (not just Christians) hope that the time of obstinacy is coming to an end and that we are moving towards a completely new and open era. This era does not come as a cheap escape from the world and an excuse for our descendants, but rather as an intervention based on divine promise. Consequently, it is about all of us - with HIM - achieving happiness, freedom, joy and inner peace; which we can never really give ourselves... It may be that those born most recently are not yet the last generation. However, there is not much substance left to achieve this; Because the technical and economic achievements of the last decades have given us a breathtaking and unusually high level of luxury and prosperity - at the expense of all mineral and life resources. But this now gives us a sacred duty to search for, find and pass on spiritual perspectives to our children! This probably requires a lot of sensitivity, patience and courageous standing up to the truth, when today (not only some NGOs but especially our children) are already expressing their anger because of the many justifiable accusations.

So much for the “big picture”. From this perspective, it would probably be unrealistic to place too high expectations on not exceeding the 1.5° upper climate limit*. Because this framework has also changed with regard to what previously made it possible to pass on healthy inheritances. So today we stand with pretty empty hands in front of our encroaching youth. Unfortunately, this has become an extremely sad and shameful fact. We are currently threatened by more trouble than climate change. 20 active wars globally! But wars are also a logical consequence of the general distance from God.

   * The qualified meteorologist Sven Plöger illuminates the rather complex topic of climate change in an easy-to-understand and calm manner - especially in his book “Good Prospects for Tomorrow”.

 Now we are all experiencing - faster than ever before - similar to an embryo before its approaching birth: it too is becoming too crowded and is in danger of being undersupplied. The little person also cannot imagine the world outside, and so he is overcome by fear of existence. It is often actually a matter of being or not being - of living or dying!
The depleted placenta and the increasingly toxic environment push it into great distress in the narrow birth canal. Mother and child, and somehow ultimately also the father, reach the very edge of their own strength.

All this is countered by something else - praise to God - too; a safety net that is equally successfully served by our empathy, our moral codes and by a solidarity that is certainly inherent in every heart. Because ethical and human parameters also play a role in this strong safety net. Our many "small" actions, speaking, feeling and thinking, in connection with motivation and ability - including any inability that may exist - lead us to the final divorce (Rev. of John) that has been decided for ages to bring us home , to rescue and to save from all kinds of hostility. A strong hope also requires a clear belief on which the respective hope is based. But faith, lived religiously, gradually leads to love - a love that is the highest human achievement and that is stronger than death.

Now, dear readers, this work is really getting going again. It's about Re-li-gi-on. It means nothing less than the return connection to our Creator, the way home to God and usually lasts a lifetime. It is what makes a real change in the climate problem possible. HE gives us the love of morals and ethics, without which the change will not succeed. And he says he will come again at the end of days.

We are all - praise God - also countered by another; a safety net that is just as successfully by our capacity for empathy, our moral codes and by a solidarity that is certainly inherent in every heart. Because ethical-human parameters are also woven into this strong safety net. Our many "small" deeds, speech, feelings and thoughts, in connection with motivation and ability - together with any inability that may exist - guide us to the final judgement that has been decided since eternity (Revelation), to bring us home, to save us and to rescue us from all kinds of hostility.
A strong hope also requires a clear faith, on which the respective hope is based. Faith, however, lived religiously, gradually leads to love - a love that represents the highest human achievement and is stronger than death.
It is also becoming increasingly clear that no organisation created by us or purely human figure of light can succeed in restoring the chaotic disorder that we have inflicted on the highly artfully structured nature as "natural order".
But the fulfilment of the prophesied "New Jerusalem" and with it its "living waters" is also needed and will come. Only there will heavenly descended space be ready as a "habitat" for all who are of good will. JESUS himself comes and saves us globally in his righteous power to organise and reshape everything together with us.
May this - with general respect for other religions and cultures - and paired with faithfulness to our own faith - succeed well

Riccardo Lombardi says in his latest book: >Church and Kingdom of God< "Our humanly subjective situation corresponds to a lax, perplexed, tender, pharisaical or anxious conscience. It manifests itself not only in extraordinary life situations, but also in simple, everyday actions. It is a universal phenomenon that is not limited to geographical borders or historical periods. It always and everywhere distinguishes between good and evil, even if its distinction is followed differently. It betrays itself in every sensible person," and "The more the right conscience asserts itself, the more individuals and groups abandon blind arbitrariness and seek to orientate themselves according to the objective norms of morality."

The Gospel according to John 1 explains this in clear, unambiguous words:
(1) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
(2) in the beginning it was with God.
(3) All things came into being through the Word, and without the Word nothing came into being that has come into being.
(4)In him was life, and the life was the light of men.
(5) And the light shone in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not. ...
10. He was in the world, and the world was made through him, but the world did not recognise him.
11. He came into his own, but his own did not receive him.
12. But to all who did receive him, he gave power to become children of God, to all who believe in his name.
Believe for what? 

Do not the findings from systematic research (especially on cell research and biology, astrophysics and anthropology, geophysics and botany, surgery and medicine, etc.) confirm the miraculous influence of God, especially for people of faith? - then he can marvel more deeply at creation and accept it in awe. Does not their faith represent the supreme discipline, which is given the highly sensitive, conservative task of placing the religious light on its candlestick and not under the armchair? Precisely because we believe that we know (almost) everything anyway, that we consider it explainable, believers also cultivate their balanced, humble prayer and hope, beyond general predictability. Only believing without clear hope would be blind. And hope without faith is extremely naive. Only hope based on faith gives us the liberating love for God and each other. Science in particular (except for creationists) does not represent a necessary contradiction to almost 2,000 years of Christian teaching and religion.

Even today, religious people in their communities bear responsibility in the sense of "active preservation of creation". As believers, they are aware of every negative use of technology and are in favour of change. Religious believers in particular cannot abdicate their co-responsibility in the fight for a climate-friendly economy. It is a battle and we must win - because without overcoming, emphatic love will disappear completely! Only a victory of the "renewables" over the "fossil interests" can result in the survival of co-operating humanity - after the hot battle for an environment worth living in and an intact ecology. Otherwise, filthy rich greed and global poisoning will continue to reign; and then the hatred that has been deliberately fuelled by poverty and fear will destroy us. But this leaves 99 against One who will have to give up his brute power and fictitious financial strength. And the "creation-preserving forces from all religions" will certainly also be at the forefront.  It is Jesus who can and will spontaneously unite us! He is the one who has already completely reconciled us with God!
Everything negative goes to its predetermined place called hell.

Jesus had convinced me personally: He wants me to take up my cross, and He goes before us in this. In this way, with an eye on Him, He helps to overcome even the sting of death in one's own body. His freely given gift of self - His sacrifice on the cross - shows us that the beyond is part of life after death. And so after the resurrection He stayed with us for an extra 50 days. To this day, it is a daily and seasonal structure builder for Christians - in a permanent presence at the same time.
It is important to shed light on the common prejudice that our modern "enlightenment" and the previous values influenced by religions are incompatible. We humans rightly seek to be embedded in the largest possible frame of reference. However, effort, knowledge and reason cannot give us the security in which God wants to include us! Says the Lord: "Do I delight in the death of the wicked? And not rather in his turning from his evil ways and living?" Ezekiel 18:23
Genesis, for example, has entirely coherent explanations about the beginnings of our existence. Yes, the Bible conveys (as two divinely inspired "testaments") more figurative periods of creation compared to the old understanding - but it still offers us astonishing, mostly correctly presented answers. It is not God who needs our prayers, but we humans who need and ask for God's help, which is also experienced again and again..    

What “inner-soul” can still mean 

Psychodynamically it would be the theory of the work of inner-psychic forces. I look at it here as a creation of words in which I try to re-ligio with you - i.e. a connection back to HIM - to God, to know HE. The following word dualities convey the concrete conceptual framework for “inner-soul”: Victory - defeat
Right wrong
Good bad
Useful - Useless
True - lie
Pretty ugly
Love Hate
Jesus - humanity
We - I
Open - Isolated
Peace - war
Affirmation - denial
Life - Dead
Heaven Hell
Progress - stagnation
Joy - sadness, regret
Trust - fear
Clever stupid look at these “dipoles” with all the shades and take enough time to feel them with your colors and your own emotions. Let the respective pairs of terms occupy a harmoniously calm or harmonious place within you.

In the event of a nuclear attack, the collective journey home is shortened to tenths of a second before the fatal impact. In this case too, “the one who loves us” would be permanently present.

The “living” person controls the realm of the dead by never allowing it. »Ezekiel is led by God into a plain full of bones. There Yahweh asks Ezekiel: “Son of man, can these bones come to life again?” Even as he prophesies new life for them, the bones come together. At the behest of God, even the life force of the dead finally returns." Ez 37:1-14. Please browse boldly and read on!

      The hope-giving network of the church
The church and Christianity were certainly not without controversy along the path of their 2,000-year work. At the same time, it has remained true to its protective mission and has always essentially arisen anew from divine truth and power.
This is how she currently weaves the bonds of love that essentially embrace all humanity, made of prayer, praise and feeding, with heavenly gifts of word and truth. Their global (www) networking has remained in this mission over time.
Faith in Jesus and his church is currently experiencing a crisis in Europe. Although not exactly a renaissance. But in view of the growth figures in other parts of the world, a renewed turn to our faith in Jesus also appears to be entirely possible here. If you look at it soberly, it is precisely the generally poor future prospects, the pressure of suffering and the fear of the increasingly worsening climate threat that could well lead to a new turn towards religious spirituality. Church, as a community that imparts faith, is always as essential as ever. Just as marriage and family cannot be replaced in the long term for stable social structures and a happy form of passing on life.
It is true that there is also natural goodness in humans, completely without faith and beyond faithful marital joy. But what is ultimately missing is the strength that a life connection supported by honesty brings with it - the strength from which its own meaning and the possibility of a healthy existence emerged from historical broad development.

    The nothing and the almost nothing
It could be that it was just pure nothingness, just total emptiness; And that's how it is almost entirely in the literally endless expanses of -272°C cold interstellar space. It is only extremely rare that a particle or photon of light can be found there; yes, even light never reaches these areas. At most, a few delicate rays from an ultra-distant and extremely rare supernova event flash there.
More ...

There is a lot more in a galaxy like ours: countless elementary particles, light, unimaginably high energy processes and endless suns, etc.

But all of this is almost nothing compared to here on earth; with a truly incredible abundance of real life, in infinite variety, harmonious beauty and in constant communication; So wrapped in a veritable cloud of information like no other. The best astro research teams with their most modern telescopes have so far been unable to see anything comparable. Today astronomers have modern telescopes that allow them to see over 13 billion light years!! can see far into space.

Despite our hereditary guilt, things are already half full here on our unique earth. However, God desires much more for you and me - "A full measure, pressed and shaken, even an overflowing measure, will be poured into your bosom" Luke 6:38.
 Just let these few facts melt in your mouth!

A few more important thoughts on this:
Our planet Earth, which is overflowing with life and species, contains an even more “overflowing” density of information and communication with one another. It is this superficially unrecognizable megacloud of exchange that makes such ordered beauty and harmony possible within the earth's fullness of life. Each species in its habitat has its own “language” for its existence, reproduction and raising offspring. For us humans, this is offered by around 20 sounds that enable us to communicate in around 6,500 different languages* worldwide (written as letters).
With these meager 20 sounds, we express an incredible amount of things that are distinct, other than our opinions, wishes, ideas and feelings. We use them to name all the things, states and all the other living beings that we know. Isn't that most amazing?

       *according to the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology: the seven million inhabitants of the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea alone speak over 800 languages.

                            Human love languages are also highly complex    

How admirable and astonishing it is that God's powerful Word alone spoke all this into existence by virtue of his infinite power of love and continues to maintain it to this day! What variety of exploding life God created with just 4 letters: Adenine (A) and Thymine (T), Cytosine (C) and Guanine (G). The DNA thread is structured like a rope ladder. The backbone of the ladder consists of a sugar, deoxyribose, alternately combined with phosphate. The rungs of this ladder are formed by the four organic bases A, T, G and C. The DNA in a human eukaryotic cell is about 2 m long. A human being consists of about 100 trillion cells, 25% of which are blood cells that have no nucleus. The length of the DNA in a human being is 150 billion km, i.e. 1000 times the distance from the earth to the sun.

Whooow..... !

The question about God     

Finding my faith was just a very strange feeling of being touched and meant, in which I felt that that was it. This tender gift left me stammering, something akin to praying, and giving thanks with tears of joy. Not more. The fact that my faith life began to actively grow was not my own irrigation - it always remains a gift to me that I can only approach with baby steps. The really great distance comes to me from HE Himself from the seventh heaven, from His very personal abode!! "When I see the sky, the work of your fingers, / moon and stars, which you fastened: what is man that you think of him, / the child of man that you take care of him? You have made him but a little less than God, you have crowned him with glory and honor. You have made him ruler over the work of your hands, and you have laid everything at his feet." Psalm 8:4-7.

How can previously unbelievers now establish a connection with God? 

Nothing works in faith without personal acquisition. If the liturgy of the church service seems bland and hollow, what is usually missing is the conscious, affirmative decision - your inner personal yes to Jesus - as the meaning, goal and center of every praying community.
Some people think that the church could be fresher, happier and far more tolerant? However, every nation also has policies that are exactly consistent with its average level of development, and so do the religious communities that are appropriate for each one! HE has already shown us the divine yes in the act of creation. He infinitely longs to have a loving relationship with us as His children, and He waits for us and knows our worries and inner needs.

   Although we cannot see or attack God, we can never imagine Him in all of His majesty. But we can begin, for example, by marveling at His extremely impressive and fantastically magnificent works. The idea of His presence in us and in all of beautiful nature - His creation as a whole - is also a good start.

Faith, gratitude and enthusiasm helped me feel God's loving presence. The search for “fulfillment in God” is based on personal guidance through His Word and the joy of Christian community. Through their touchingly beautiful songs of praise and also the beauty and peace of some places of worship, I gradually came to speak directly to the invisible, living God.
So at the beginning I dared to practice a certain amount of prayerful solidarity. It also awakened in me the certainty that the future replacement of the old will come in "a new heaven and a new earth". All of this meant that my relationship with God made me more independent of external circumstances, more content and happier.
For example, married couples who pray together stay 97% of the time! linked together in faithful community. What could be more desirable and happier for us than living in such a community?

What matters first and foremost is our relationship with our Creator, through whom we have life. So it's about our YOU and YES to HIM, about His commission to us and about His commandments. I am convinced that if we stand by God's laws and entrust ourselves to his grace, then our environment and our relationships with one another will heal completely.

It is important to shed light on the common prejudice that our modern "enlightenment" and the values of the past, which were characterised by religions, are incompatible. We humans rightly seek to be embedded in the largest possible frame of reference. It manifests itself as the recognition of human dignity, the overcoming of racial, ethnic and class hatred, the valorisation of women, the desire for justice and freedom and the longing for a peaceful world. The kingdom of God is already descending on the earth with power. Now it is already moving away from the religious, i.e. completely into secular life.

I found honest answers about our mortality, for example, particularly in the Bible. It offers solutions to hardship, poverty and suffering. She has ways to lead a right life and shows us a loving, unique role model (in Jesus' cross and victory over death). Because if we accept our mortality, it will lead us home - like a good sleep to a new day. We encounter this mystical side of achieving goals to some extent in many lived religions.
In the expression of each tradition, lived customs and in the representation of God conveyed in each case, we at least also encounter their joy of life, which helps to overcome our mortal existence. Their radiance and promises also ensure safe passage in earthly life.
The Christian way teaches this particularly in detail and unequivocally; because, right into our final, unbearable loneliness, yes, into the abyss of hell of our death, HE, JESUS, picks us up by waiting there - to bring us back to our true home with the heavenly Father.
So faith, hope and love are the logical answer to our finitude. Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even though he dies, he will live, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." John 11.25; and 1 John 5:12 “Whoever has the Son of God has life; "Whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life."

It is not man who goes to God and brings him a balancing gift, but rather God comes to man in order to give him the power of love on the initiative and to restore the disturbed order. "God has reconciled the world to himself in Christ." 2 Cor. 5:19. But Jesus also said: "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for my sake will gain it." Math. 16:25

On the meta level, the work weaves in a divine, timeless way Eternality. Nothing and no one can ever leave this ineffable and ever-existing “middle of eternity”. Only Jesus, as the only begotten Son of God, could “rest in God” continuously and even beyond his earthly physical death preserve, and so also send us His gift of peace in the “new covenant”.
For God, 1000 years are like a day. Its eternity simply transcends every space and every time period. Whether it's an amoeba, a flower, a tree, a person, a mountain range or our sun - all of these have their own subjective lifespan in existence. On the other hand, only God is beyond Alpha & Omega - HE said: Let us create man... and: I am the I AM THERE - ALWAYS. HE is the source of everything beautiful, true and good. His Son and his Spirit of Love were before all creation. HE loved us first - and He is waiting for us at the door of our hearts. 

For a child, the second hand just circles like a snail. For an adult, the minutes go by too quickly, but as you get older, the hour hand often turns like an airplane propeller... time seems to be running out.
Children need games and songs, charismatic things are particularly appropriate for young people, liturgy is more for adults and older people look for silence and contemplation in order to arrive at their true home.

              What separates us who are still alive from those who have died?          

What makes dying so difficult and sad? All of our temporal experience seemingly shrinks towards a final point. But can this zero and nothing also be interpreted to provide a perspective - like through a telescope? It's as if all our films of experience rolled up into a tube? This kind of metaphysical death process seems to me personally similar to the surprises of our discreetly loving God; and I accept the process thus envisaged as a kind of plausible possibility. HE draws us into the glory of his abundance, which gives us his peace in communion with HIM - without pain, strife, death and tears. Love, empathy, forgiveness, tolerance, patience and other wholesome virtues are assets that can save us from spiritual bankruptcy. Through them the heavenly bank gives us wealth, wisdom and protection from the accusations of the fallen Lucifer and the attacks of his army.

About our inner atmosphere:

As already noted at the beginning, for more than 200 years, some technical developments, soulless industries, purely monetary and economic policy interests as well as some questionable scientific applications have led us into dangerous mazes.

Since then, we humans have become more sociologically self-fixated and caught up in contemporary trends. In addition, we know very little about our global environment and all of our stories. We also have little idea about the successful but highly complex product developments. The rapid pace of innovation is literally overwhelming us. This makes us arrogant or fearful out of insecurity and makes us forget our eternal soul nature. The wherefrom, whereto and why of things and our own existence no longer seem coherent to us and allow us to suppress essential meaning and mission.
Climate change, new wars and rapid technological developments make us breathless and anxiously helpless - at least when we lack faith, without God, without prayer and without Sunday devotions.

     Human-ethical from my personal point of view    

The industrial revolution brought us - compared to the previously wondrous diversity of life - a frighteningly rapid thinning out of species. Where water, air and the fertile earth suffer such detrimental changes, all life is threatened. Added to this are new moral problems; e.g. that stable interpersonal relationships and those with our Creator are decreasing.

I tried several priests for confession until I felt - I'll stick with this one. It's like when I'm a little boy and I've done something wrong again that I want to get rid of. I bring all my old, sweaty clothes to HIM and HE showers my nakedness and gives me a fresh, pure white vest. Afterwards, I always have my joy and confidence back and know - He forgives us for everything that is lost and confused.

Family preservation and respect for life are losing strength and ground - with all the serious consequences! But when people discover their inner wealth, they will need fewer external goods. You will appreciate the simpler life, be more frugal and get by with fewer things and goods. They will perceive this "simple life" as a liberation from greed and avarice and will want to preserve it in simplicity.

 I also find our common interventions in the natural processes of conception and birth worrying. This kind of “freedom and feasibility” can result in significant psychological damage. It also seems to me to be extremely difficult morally; They also destroy partnership and family harmony (in addition to unborn life) (e.g. as post-abortion syndrome - or via surrogacy, in two families). According to the WHO, abortion is the most common cause of death worldwide - every illness, accident and even war is ranked after it!

It would also be necessary to take supportive measures to protect mothers and lives! Single parents should - to balance the burden of their services and duties towards their child(ren) - receive a full-time wage for six hours of work per day (or reduced to three hours on a half-day basis). Here too, the error of our dangerous competitive thinking can be transformed into the ethically and practically fruitful achievements of a solidarity community.

When it comes to child-rearing practices today, Heinz Etter from the Department of Trust Pedagogy sees a "distortion" that is often too free, in the form that only what the little ones like, taste and just fit should be. As a result, we end up with nagging and ultimately unrealistic young people. A lack of authority prevents the natural desire for healthy hierarchical bonds, which, through their obedience, should also convey domestic security. But when our words are understanding but our hearts are full of accusations, children and parents are left in despair. If parents don't play this important role, then the children have to start dictating to us and ultimately tell us where to go.

My accusations about the state of the world and groups of people have the odour of accusation and blame. But when I point my finger at someone, three of my fingers point back at myself at the same time. So I too, through realising my own burden of guilt and only through the grace of God, found a complete new beginning.

  All cultures that disrespected God learned their serious weaknesses after a few generations. Simply because the good atmosphere blessed by Him diminished in their families and communities, and they became cold and spiritually dead through their renunciation of Him.

Today it is primarily misleading spiritual ideas, the omnipresent propagation of the values of an ego-driven society and its exaggerated belief in progress that lead people away from God. But religious people and their prayer centers also bear responsibility today in the sense of “actively preserving creation”.
Therefore, believers should also be aware of any negative use of technology and, in the spirit of this responsibility, work to change it.

For those interested in science, I will let the great mathematician of the 12th century, Leonardi Fabionacci, have his say:
                                              Mathematical surprises in nature                    

   The “Golden Number” has countless unique properties like no other number and so it is not surprising that it plays an important role in creation. But first, a few mathematical basics: The golden number has an infinite number of decimal places and is denoted by the Greek letter Φ (Phi). It starts with 1.618033. Phi is the number of the golden angle Psi Dividing the full circle of 360° according to the ratio of the golden ratio results in the so-called golden angle Ψ (Psi) of 137.5°. Phi is the number of the Golden Spiral. If you add another identical square (1) to a square (1), so that the total distance of the outer edges now serves as the basis for a new square (2), the result is a rectangle... Phi and the Fibonacci numbers. Anyone can easily form the Fibonacci sequence themselves: It starts with the number one and each additional number results from the sum of the two previous numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 etc. What role do these number games play in living nature?


The number of petals on most plants is a Fibonacci number (3, 5, or 8). In creation we also find many flowers that are constructed according to the pattern of the regular pentagon. This means that the golden ratio occurs in all flowers with this unique number Φ and very precisely. But how does the plant know this? All this information is stored in the genetic material, i.e. in the DNA molecules. The entire geometry of the flower is contained in this microscopically small material with the highest storage density known to us.

   The Golden Spiral  

  It is striking that the Golden Spiral is very common in creation. The snail-shaped limestone shell of the Nautilus has approximately the pitch of the Golden Spiral. In addition, this spiral is spatial. This golden spiral can be found everywhere: for example in snails, in ferns, in the human ear, in hurricanes and even in galaxies. So we see that the Creator designs according to the principle of the Golden Spiral.

    THE SUNFLOWER       

The distribution of the seeds in the sunflower basket is not random, but mathematically exactly offset by 137.5°. As read above, this is exactly the number of degrees of the Golden Angle, which also goes back to the beautiful number of the Golden Ratio (1.618033...).
That this angle of 137.5° is really the best offset angle for the number of sunflower seeds in the basket. Just 1° deviation would be a disaster for sunflowers. The golden ratio is programmed into absolutely every sunflower seed and they pass this valuable and meaningful number on from generation to generation.
This principle applies not only to sunflowers, but also, for example, to daisies, pine cones, Romanesco, honeycombs, pineapples... We find left- and right-handed spirals everywhere.

   In conclusion, you can see that everything is constructed down to the finest detail, nothing is accidental. There is nothing that somehow turned out just like that; everything is planned with mathematical precision. Seen this way, with all the miracles in creation, an atheist needs a much greater belief in the principle of chance than someone who believes in intelligent planning.

Source: Werner Gitt

The question posed at the beginning: CAN A GRAND-CHILDREN-FIT FUTURE STILL BE EXPECTED? ... can, under the premise of passing on religious values and content to our children and grandchildren, be answered with a clear yes.

This attitude counteracts today's fear and confusion with a very special certainty - namely the ability to trust in God first. Unfortunately, this still seems like folly to many people. Nevertheless, this era - in the approaching return of our Lord - can be expected to be an extremely positive, a completely new era, without suffering, strife and death.