FOR I N T E R N E T and CELL PHONE USE           

In the natural fauna there are no ingenious, artfully woven webs that are not inhabited by a special type of spider. The nets serve the sole purpose of sucking out the sacrificial animals entangled in them, whether dead or alive.
It's similar on the highly praised and widely popular Internet. It is all too easy for us to become entangled in this network, which can also be a useful tool. But if we stray too easily and often from what is useful, we become victims of many small and sometimes hard addictions. Unfortunately, the passion for casual gambling, shopping, the dark web or heavy porn consumption has deprived many people of the happiness of simple joy in life! The beneficial "spiders" in the world wide web are an army of small and large, often anonymous interests. And the many long-term careless surfers on the modern, algorithmically informed web encourage this www octopus to provide us with data about our personal inclinations. This obviously not only results in more monetary profits, but also leads to a weakened overall psychological well-being in broad sections of the population!
Undoubtedly, www also became an additional accelerator to our already hectic lifestyle. In addition, it has probably irrevocably destroyed and erased around 1/3 of the jobs served by humans - and has led to a not insignificant increase in our already excessive energy consumption!

It's the same with cell phones: they are the "loneliness makers" and real communication blockers that you can take with you everywhere - you can just see how immersed their users are in searching for things that can actually only be experienced in a sober, true and truly beautiful life.

What speaks for living faith in your local parish community today?       

° their rite gives me memory, relationship and trust in the giver of all life in my everyday life
° I find her attitude towards life, family and the preservation of creation to be consistent
° in the gift of the Lord's Supper I experience purity, support and his faithful bond
° Church goes back to its founder Jesus and his father's mission
° their community creates good works and worldwide support
° their liturgy and their praise convey devotion, truth, beauty
° it provides peace, space and perspective for our existence
° it is made of word and spirit - despite some weaknesses!
° their heaven is open to all good will and rejects no one
° I trust her with my mistakes and weaknesses...
° I can receive last rites from her...
° it unites us now, and in the end

There is time between man and heaven - but in every prayer time they unite.

  FASCINATION OF CHURCH     The Russian Nobel Prize winner for literature Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said: "People have forgotten God, and that is the reason for the problems of the present. We will not find solutions without the conversion of man to the Creator of all things."

Many people feel with me that the time of the mystically described apocalypse has already fully begun. But God assures us: “I make all things new.” Therefore, we should and may have perseverance and patience with the whole world and also with ourselves.

Many people are still striving for materially higher things and are caught up in a kind of consumer obsession. But those who are of good will, with their faith, already here and now have the living anticipations through which they are carried beyond the ordinary and mortal. As we grow older, most people feel a diffuse, uneasy feeling of being alone. As difficult as departing may be - if being alone is accompanied by a good, correct acceptance, it makes us ready for the approaching end, concretely and completely trusting in the promising afterward.

Growing old, as well as dying early, may be more for the courageous, or something that comes more easily to a person who is trustingly oriented towards Jesus. Especially when the "abdication problem" was gradually linked to personal experiences of anticipation and thoughts of a happily ending goal achievement...

From my own experience, adversity teaches us to pray - and with a right conscience, old actions can be turned into good deeds. Then ONE came! His name is Jesus - that means Savior. He taught us and continues to teach us today - we need each other, and we need freedom from the all-too-personal, restrictive I and freedom from collective and personal accumulation of guilt. Christ can grant us both liberations. HE brought this about through his act of love on the cross, which was achieved for us through unspeakable pain.

Through this, God, the Father of us all, wants and will “prepare a new heaven and a new earth” for us. His knowledge, His plan and His grace-giving promises are central and decisive for us believers!

Father Riccardo Lombardini (1908-1956) pointedly states in Church and Kingdom of God: "Union with God happens through faith, hope and love. One day faith and hope will cease. Love will remain forever." ... "Figuratively speaking, steel now groans and resists being turned into cannons to kill people. It would rather become plough and ship. The ether waves tremble with shame when they have to carry on the filth and lies of remote viewing. The grain sinks cursing when it is thrown into the sea to keep prices high and to enrich one who would die in peace if he had fed the hungry." ... "Paul says in his own way: "To this very hour the whole creation groans and labours" (Romans 8:22). The reason is that it is subject to the whims of fallen man, whereas it was created to have peace in order." He also recognises: "Throughout the history of the Church there have been popes who ruled like kings, bishops who ruled like princes - abbots and abbesses who ruled over large territories and riches - priests who ruled an entire country - curiae who were governing authorities, some even purely administrative. Even the good ones among those who held such positions faced the immense temptation to feel more like superiors than priests". However, today's church is in danger of degrading itself to a kind of "feel-good confectionery" in its ambivalence between wealth and poverty.
And yet these times of previously rough tillage are now already showing tender plants and even the first ripe fruit from their seedlings. Mankind, and with it the whole of nature, is now well prepared and hopes for a general redemption from the fallen brokenness. The kingdom of God is becoming more imaginable, we have begun to walk the path of neighbourly love and are coming closer and closer to our ABBA through him, in him and with him.

Globally, the lack of biodiversity, among other things, is already leading us to precarious declines in food supply. We are also noticeably depleting our supply of good air and clean, sufficient water; As a result, the quality of life in general is declining at a frightening, rapid pace.

Actually, this always limited world - despite all our efforts - should already have been hopelessly lost 100 times!?

Jesus tells us: “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” Without apportioning blame and with full respect for other cultures and religions - we are placed and dependent on a we and togetherness! We can only get through this together - and we should and may pray together - for the unifying light at the end of the tunnel. Anyone who lives facing the "All-Good" will find their easy death and their ultimate homecoming. For Christians about the Reconciler - God's Son.

Regarding the many denominations, I think of Jesus' words in Mark 9:40: "Whoever is not against us is for us." And with regard to some church grievances - don't all large structures have typical power problems? Aren't the UN, NATO, EU, states and even families also affected by the sometimes strange use of power? Church was always between "holy and unholy", but still intended for our conversion and open to sinners. Josef Ratzinger wrote: "The holiness of the church consists in the power of sanctification that God exercises in it despite human sinfulness. In the new covenant, God has shown us through Christ, even against the faithlessness of us humans, that he will always be good to us given out of his love. It is the holiness of the Lord that becomes present among people. He has given himself up to a perfect community of fate with us. The church celebrates this and knows about his power to forgive".

And Pope Francis calls on us - as it is high time - to "come to universal recognition of all religions." Not least to promote peacemaking in this peaceless, restless world. Only through tolerance and compassion can we move forward as a 'world community'. May this succeed every day of our lives - with general respect for all people and in loyalty to our own faith! Because love lasts forever and it comes - in faith and the hope of heavenly support - at the right time.

Even if heaven, hell and purgatory do not represent places or temporal concepts* - they always represent an inner-soul reality. With simple trust and daily new attempts to follow, my yoke also became light. And when the cold, frightening breath of death turns back the days of my life one by one - like the pages of a book - I will not have to reckon with the sum of my sins all alone and lonely.
Jesus' love has already paid for all guilt and calls "come"... his eternity encompasses and exceeds my temporal and my current spatial limitations.

       * If only this life-bearing earth were given to us, we would only be left with the inheritance of its constant decay of dead things. This kind of poverty, in its imperfection, would be an outrage and an injustice; Only 100% convinced atheists believe that all life can exist sufficiently with this kind of purely coincidental fate.

At the beginning of the world there was not chaos, but rather the word of God's creation, shaped by meaning, reason and the will to order. Because what caused the Big Bang to pop? What space & time and the elements arise? All the clever and successfully precise science hardly provides any meaningful or calming answers to our mortality and our origins.
Without will, information, perfect wisdom, supreme love, God's omnipotence or absolute truth, this planned development of life can never have taken the long path into its full glory! Therefore, nothing becomes nothing - life comes from the “living”. We shouldn't want to detach ourselves from that!

The world is God's property, but we act as if everything belongs to ourselves. However, we find it difficult to appreciate life itself and classify ourselves accordingly. In the modern West, basic religious knowledge has unfortunately melted away for generations. The consequences of this can be seen in an unprecedented set of problems.

In CHRIST IN DER TIME, Johannes Röser says in his book: On the trail of the unknown God - "It seems that it would be better if Homo sapiens had never come into existence. He produces excessive consumption of resources, air pollution, extinction of species, plastic waste, etc.. What a contrast to this is man's love of life! Despite all the evil, he always stands up in the joy that there is something at all and not rather nothing. That we are fertile in the sexual love polarity of man and woman in order to beget life and pass on the joy to offspring." ... "The apocalyptic tendencies of the Anthropocene cannot extinguish the worldly desire to create; It is also connected to the first pages of the Bible - God's evolutionary desire to create. YOU made him only a little lower than God, crowned him with glory and honor." And further: "No other being is as spiritually gifted as man. His rational and emotional intelligence - his ability to develop has inspired humanity with inventiveness to improve life, to turn evil into good, to research at the limits of what is thought and understandable - is astonishing. The wealth of art, literature, music, architecture, philosophy also enables a progressive knowledge of God."    

For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

      Pope Francis wrote warningly in his 2015 encyclical Laudato Si': "The export of some raw materials to satisfy markets in the industrialized north has caused local damage, such as mercury poisoning in gold mines or sulfur dioxide poisoning in copper mining. Particular attention must be paid to the fact that the environmental sector of the entire planet for the “disposal” of gaseous waste that has accumulated over two centuries, creating a situation that now affects all countries in the world...

... The warming caused by the enormous consumption of some rich countries is having particularly devastating consequences in the poorest zones of the world, where the rise in temperature combined with drought is causing agricultural yields to decline... We find that it is often multinational companies that are there act and do things that are not allowed in the developed countries or in the so-called first world...

... In general, the cessation of their activities and their withdrawal leaves behind great damage and debts to people and the environment, such as unemployment, villages without life, depletion of some natural reserves, deforestation, impoverishment of local agriculture and livestock, craters, polluted rivers and some few social works that can no longer be maintained... The foreign debt of poor countries has become an instrument of control, but the same cannot be said of our legacy ecological debt" ... and; "The technocratic paradigm also tends to dominate the economy and politics. The economy accepts every technological development in terms of returns, without considering possible negative effects on humans. Finances are suffocating the real economy...

... People think that the problems of hunger and misery in the world, along with all environmental problems, will disappear with the growth of the market. However, the market by itself does not guarantee the holistic development of people and social inclusion. ...
However, it is possible to broaden your perspective again. Human freedom is capable of limiting technology, directing it and putting it at the service of a different kind of progress, one that is healthier, more humane, social and more holistic than that under the technocratic paradigm. ...
Nobody is asking to go back to the time of the cavemen, but it is essential to slow down in order to look at reality in a different way, to collect the positive and lasting progress and at the same time to recover the values and the great goals that have been unrestrainedly destroyed "... said the Pope.

Growth used to guarantee our prosperity. Today growth also means environmental destruction, poverty and exploitation. How can we preserve creation and distribute its fruits more fairly?